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I share your dream of living in Wilmington near Wrightsville Beach and found my way to the beach! I want so much to help you do the same, and I know that you may be able to make that dream come true sooner than you may think. 


realtor, creative, mom, loving coastal life

I'm a realtor and a mom of two adult children, my son who is 18 and in the Marines and my daughter who is 21 and just finished her junior in college. I'm also a happy wife to my dear husband, and we share a love for living coastal life. My sweet dog is pictured on here, a 7 year old golden retriever who loves the water as well. My greatest joy is sharing life by the ocean with my family, and building a space for us for the years to come.

My purpose in real estate is to help other people who share this love of the coast, find their way to ownership in Wilmington and Wrightsville Beach like I have, while bringing a high level of professionalism and personal attention to the process.

In addition, I love living life by the ocean and want to share that coastal life with others who share my dream of living near Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington. I'm a photographer (Kimberly Michele Photography) and love to paint, I love going to the beach, running on the beach, and I'm a member of the Wrightsville Beach Outrigger Canoe Club, and love paddling on our surrounding intracoastal waters. As a result, I use my success in real estate to support the local arts and organizations that help keep our local surrounding waterways and ocean clean and thriving.


MISSION:  To serve people who want to live in Wilmington near or on Wrightsville Beach, giving them the tools to buy sooner than they may think they can, and more affordably, responsibly and within their budgets, and the knowledge they need to maintain their homes in our coastal environment. We want to be known for being an honest, authentic, and genuine professional real estate advisor, a sage in the community's real estate arena who finds solutions, and who gives hope and knowledge to buyers and sellers.

VISION: To spread the beauty of our area to others in the world! And to use our business success as the vehicle that helps keep Wrightsville Beach beautiful by supporting artists and giving them the tools and space to create, as well as contributing to organizations that help keep our waters vibrant and thriving. 

experience | education | creativity | community

about KIM

i give as many people as I can the hope of owning a home by the ocean, building wealth, and sharing this coastal life I love.

How can I help and why would you choose to work with me over all of your other options? I have a unique set of professional and personal experiences that qualify me to be your professional real estate advisor. In addition to working in real estate in both sales and finance, I have been a CPA in public accounting, been self-employed in three different industries, and worked in investment and commercial banking. I am a current homeowner and AirBnb property owner, and have purchased 10 homes personally. I have been a first time home buyer, downsized, upsized, moved to the beach, invested in property, had Airbnbs, and been a home owner in various different real estate markets. 

I live and work in the area I serve. I love my life here, and spend my free time on Wrightsville Beach and the surrounding waters. Having purchased 10 homes personally, I have a lot of experiences with home ownership! I have won with real estate. I have lost with real estate. I have made smart long-term real estate investments. I have speculated, over-leveraged, and made bad investment decisions. I have experience and I have learned. I am passionate about helping you realize your real estate dreams, staying aligned with your goals, and avoiding the mistakes I made.

When you engage with me in my efforts to build a relationship of trust with you, I will be an advisor for you in all things concerning real estate. I can communicate with all of your advisors, legal, financial, etc, because I can speak their language, arrange all of the variables you are considering, and translate it to you so that you can make a decision that moves you closer to achieving your goals. 

You may be waiting to buy your beach home until you can retire. Why wait and risk getting priced out of the market? You may be able to buy now, using equity in your primary home and rental income to offset at least a portion of costs. I don't know whether or not this is the best strategy for you, but it may be, and it's worth a conversation to find out!

Our relationship starts with the purchase of your home and continues throughout the rest of your time here, through home maintenance, remodels, refinancing, upsizing, downsizing, and all that comes with it. I am your professional consultant for everything related to real estate, helping you achieve your goals and dreams of owning homes in Wrightsville Beach and Wilmington.

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